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emo New beastie

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5 years 10 months ago #538

Just to add to the above.

Concentrating on the beastie. The gait does not flow but does have a very clear rhythm. This does not prove the beastie to be fake but it does raise questions about it's fitness. It appears to be on a mission but also in pain or heavily fatigued.

The shiny skin really worries me. Poor thing has no way of retaining body heat and could quickly freeze to death. The skin does not move. OK we are looking at something unknown and so this may be possible but it's asking a lot considering its awkward gait and the necessary outward rotation of the hips caused by the backward bending knees. The lateral swing of the femurs is quite clear.

Look at the head. There do not appear to be any facial features. No ears, no eyes, no nose, no mouth... Not even a hint.

All things considered if it were real then I think we should be looking for a body.

Last thought - the beastie appears to be different quality to the rest of the image. Mmmm. It might be no fun to call fake but it's getting very difficult to defend it. I'll not be be going on the body hunt.

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