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Nothing interesting to read here, move along! I said move along! Still here well dont say i didnt warn you, cause your gonna be very dissapointed by the whole experience of reading this and trying to work out if its ever gonna get to the point of the topic, well at this point am not sure i want to get to the point of it, that would be way too easy and make your life less complex and boring, and i just dont want to do that, not that am pleased your bored and goining slightly insane reading this, its just that i want you to be really bored and utterly insane before you get to the end, anywhere were we , oh yes rambling, on that theme did you notice a lack of full stops? you were thinking my this guy has a bad grasp of grammar, well your wrong it was deliberate, and so are the occasional speling mistakes, and if you dint notice them i suggest you go back and find them, cause i aint continuing till youve done it, well go look, am waiting, done it yet, loose you place? oh well back again at last,now to answer your next queston, how long can he keep this up for, well quess what, a long time, after all i dont have anything else to do, do you? didnt think so or you would have given up by now and gone to check if the paint was dry yet, but of course youve been sitting here reading this and havent done any paint so you cant watch it dry, well i guess your in trouble later, that'll teach you to read dribble like this, well lets see what shall we talk about now, how about the weather after all thats what everyone is here for isnt it, its a weather reporting site after all, yes it is and dont be arguing with me, its not wise to argue with an insane blogger who refuses to use a full stop, if i say its a weather reporting site it is a weather reporting site and thats final, on the other hand it could be a mod site for washing machines, got you thinking now havent i, what mods can you do to a washing machine, well go look at your washing machine and think about it, go on, i'll wait, actually be right back need to check on my wet paint, yep its still paint, got to be careful these days about paint, one minute its paint the next its not paint, hey get back here and stop looking at your washing machine, i mean why are you staring at the washing machine for anywhere, people these days have way too much time on there hands, staring at washing machines next thing you know someone will make a washing machine mod site, now that would be daft, yep very daft, what we needisaufoandparanormalsitenowthatwouldbeuseful, dont you think so, we can investigate why things go missing, starbge how comon place things can go missing and the next minute there back, now thats something worth making a site about, we can talk all day about our experiences and maybe even blog about it, thats a good idea, i can make a blog then i can bore people with mindless dribble all day long, better than watching paint dry, sorry cant keep talking to you, besides you talk way too much, cant get a word in edgewise, all i want is someone to listen to me, i know i can blog, then people will have to listen to me, oh well off to create a blog, but i will be back, i mean it i will, cant get rid of me that easy, its quiet nice here really, oh well, eek the paints nearly dried, i gonna miss the last few seconds of wetness, brb, i will, i promise, 



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