Angus Brooks
Date: oct 26 1967
Location: moigne down dorset

"The shape of the 'craft' prior to leveling out to 'hover' position was of a central circular chamber with a leading fuselage in the front and three separate fuselages together at the rear," the former World War II photographic interpreter stated. "On slowing to 'hover' position the two outer fuselages at the rear moved to position at [the] side of [the] 'craft' to form four fuselages at equidistant position around [the] center chamber. ... On attaining 'hover' the 'craft' rotated 90 degrees clockwise and then remained motionless, unaffected by very strong wind." For 22 minutes the strange object remained motionless in the sky. The Alsatian, back from foraging for game, stood "distraught" beside the witness. "The dog was standing hereband her ears were pricked straight up like she does when her ears heard sounds that she was worried about," Brooks said. The witness, who served with a Royal Air Force Middle East Command unit, said the UFO was made "of a translucent material." Dark shadows were dotted along the bottoms of the fuselages and center chamber. Nose cones and "groove fins" were seen along the bases of the fuselages. The center chamber was an estimated 25 feet in diameter and 12 feet high. Each of the fuselages was thought to be about 75 feet long, seven feet high and eight feet wide. The UFO appeared to be hovering somewhere between the Winfrith Atomic Station and the Portland Underwater Defence Station "and about a mile inland from the USAF Communications Unit at Ringstead Bay."

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